Psychologist | Online Psychologist | Psychology Counsellor

Umang Psychological services want to secure quality Psychological Services like Counseling and Psychotherapy. UPS Education has started Online Psychological Services too because lots of people does not approach Psychologist due to unavailability of Psychologist or time. Umang Psychological Services & Education is the first organization serves online counseling in India. Umang Psychological Services & Education has dedicated team of Psychologist to provide you best Psychological Services. Our mission is to provide better mental health and quality of life for Indians.

Umang Psychological Services offers:

  1. A safe place to discuss concerns.
  2. Confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental support.
  3. Coaching and practical strategies for managing personal relationship concerns.
  4. Relevant information and linkage to other appropriate services and programs as required.

We provide some following expertise services:

  1. Relationship Counseling
  2. Sex-related Counseling
  3. Counseling in Depression
  4. Anger Management
  5. Child & Adolescent Counseling
  6. Stress Counseling