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Is your child in stress?

We are often busy in our daily hard routine and often feel stressed. We always try to fill these gap and come out from stress, but would we think that our child also feel stressed or feel so down? Probably … Continue reading

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Reasoning in preschool children and understand when they need help

Natural phenomena play a central role in understanding the natural world by promoting and developing their reasoning beyond simple observation of events. Children vary from one phenomenological situation to another. Preschools are very important in the initial development of a … Continue reading

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What Kind of love is yours?

Sternberg conceptualized love in terms of three basic components that form the vertices of a triangle: intimacy,passion, anddecision/commitment. The intimacy component is primarily emotional or affective in nature and involves feelings of warmth, closeness, connection, and bondedness in the love relationship. … Continue reading

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Why play is essential for Child?

Play consists of those activities performed for self amusement that have behavioral,social, and psycho-motor rewards. Play is important to childhood development as well as children learn about shapes, colors, cause and effect and themselves. In cognitive thinking, play helps the … Continue reading

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Process to get the license of “Psychologist” in India

Today, I received a mail from Mr. Ravinder Yadav. He want to know the process to get the license. Basically In India, There is a two way to obtain license of Clinical Psychologist. This License provided by RCI(Rehabilitation Council Of … Continue reading

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