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Psychology Teacher, New Delhi

Mr Arvind Kumar “Gaurav” Subjects taught: Psychology up to 12th grade-Higher Secondary Psychology up to Bachelor in Arts Psychology up to Masters Educational Psychology up to M.Ed. Organizational Psychology up to MBA Child Psychology Human Development Life Span Psychology Abnormal … Continue reading

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Mental Health and Human Rights

The international human rights system offers a useful framework for the promotion of mental health. The international human rights discourse today widely recognizes mental health as a basic human right. The right to physical and mental health was first enunciated … Continue reading

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Free e-Books

You can download psychological e-book from the corner of esychology. ePsychology contain wide range of psychological books and article. Click your mouse on the following link and enjoy reading your favorite psychological books. Book Gallery link:

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Structuralism and Functionalism

When scientific psychology emerged in the latter part of the nineteenth century, enormous advancements in chemistry and physics were being made in analyzing complex compounds (molecules) into their elements (atoms). These successes encouraged psychologists to look for the mental elements … Continue reading

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Any action a person takes can be explained from several different points of view. Suppose, for example, you walk across the street. This act can be described as the firing of the nerves that activate the muscles that move the … Continue reading

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