Excellent Online Psychotherapist in Delhi-NCR

Best Online Psychologist

Best Online Psychologist

If Depression is not treated at right time can cause many serious problems. It can negatively affect relationship, professional and family and social life of a person and can even cause some other illnesses. It can lead to substance abuse (drug | alcohol addiction) very quickly.

Major depression can also cause many severe physical health issues like strokes, Heart Attack, Blood pressure.

Untreated depression can also affect the sleep of a person, either it can lead to the sleeplessness i.e. insomnia or increase the need for sleep. This ultimately causes extreme tiredness, loss of energy and lack of concentration or making decisions.

If Depression continues for a longer period without treatment can produce Negative Thoughts and they also commit suicide. This feeling of suicide arises due to hopelessness and helplessness.

If you feel sad and hopelessness. Contact Psychologist or Psychiatrist as soon as possible.

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