How can you help someone with Depression

Psychologist in DelhiThis Article based on Interview with Psychologist Dr. Arvind Otta. A few months ago, I was in Dibrugadh Rajdhani and my fellow passenger mourning continuously, after few hours someone told me that her child committed suicide tomorrow. There must be many reasons but depression should be one of them. So we need to care our family member if she/he is in depression. Following Guidelines can help you if your known, Family member or Friends suffers from Depression. Your support, motivation and encouragement may help them to overcome Depression. You may save someone’s life through following guidelines to maintaining your own healthy emotional state.
You can do the following if you help someone with depression:

1. Listen carefully without interrupting then and don’t advise them.
2. Present sympathy and provide help if he needed but must be accepted by someone.
3. Do some activity together like Outdoor games, Walk etc.
4. Must focus on your own emotional status too to stay emotionally balance
5. Guide them to eat healthy meal
6. You need to accumulate information about depression through books
7. You may also take help from Psychologist.

Before helping depressed individual we need to know the common symptom of Depression so we can take action at right time. If someone shows the following behavior that could be depression:

1. Someone lost interest in an activity like: sex, movie, hang out with friend and family.
2. Showing short tempered behavior
3. Unhealthy sleep pattern
4. Unhealthy Eating Pattern
5. Excessive use of Alcohol or other abusive drugs
6. Continuous complaint about muscles, joints pain, stomach pain and headache.

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