Arvind Kumar “Gaurav” receiving Gold Medal and Honor from Mira Kumar

Arvind kumar gaurav receiving honorMr. Arvind kumar Gaurav receiving gold medal for best student of psychology and the got first position in the university. After receiving the gold medal Mr. Arvind Gaurav said: I am very glad to receive gold medal and it will motivate me in future. They also said that they will use their education for society and they will effort to finish superstition from society specially related to Psychological disorder and phenomena. Professor Mr. Singh said that future is in very secure hand like Mr. Arvind Kumar “Gaurav”.

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  1. mene408 says:

    Criminal Justice sounds like a great idea! I’m ineettersd in studying criminal psychology, so if I were doing that project, it would probably be along those lines. Maybe you could do something where you visit a prison or something but I don’t really know what else you could do with that I don’t know what the assignment is either. But good luck!References : -1Was this answer helpful?

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