Child & Adolescent Counseling

Aim of Umang Psychological Servvices & Education (UPS Education ) to create an ambience of empathy & love to resolve the Behaviour issues of Adolescent, Teenagers and Children. At each step children and Teenagers need guidance to help them overcome various issues.
If you are facing following issue with your child, then we can help you to modify behaviour of your Childs.

  1. Grades of your Child decreasing day by day?
  2. Is your child loosing interest in studies?
  3. School Complaints regarding his aggressive behavior?
  4. Is your child shy and has fear of strangers ?
  5. Is your child always demanding something ?
  6. Is your child always crying without any reason?
  7. Does youir child use abusive language?

Our Child Psychologist or Team of Umang Psychological Services & Education (UPS Education) can help you to change personality and behaviour of your Child.
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