Facilities of Umang Psychological Services & Education

Career Counseling

How many young people make a thoughtful, informed and correct career decision while they’re still in school? Too many students major in what interests them at the moment – then they either drift into a job they didn’t prepare for or find they’re not cut out for the career they studied for at all.
You won’t be among the millions of people wasting their lives bored, unhappy, stressed out, or less than fully successful in their work. You can choose not to be a hit-and-run victim of the usual career selection process … or the lack of one.

UPS Education will put you on the right track. we’ve been helping intelligent young people choose a career early and wisely.

Wi-Fi Enable Center

In recognition of the need and importance of Internet in the field of education,UPS Education is a fully WI-FI enabled campus. The connectivity offers students the facilities of e-mail, net surfing, up/down loading of web based application, besides helping them in preparing projects & seminars.


Books is a good motivator so UPS Education provide a small library for their students. It is very helpful for our students in deep knowledge and research.

e-Books:UPS Education also provide e-Books for their students.

Hitech Interactive Material

We are providing Audio & video material to all our students for better understanding of subject matter. Audio-Visual materials play a greater role in the study. Students learn in a variety of different ways, so the use of audio-visual components will help improve the interest and understanding of subject.