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All you need is an internet connection to access our secure therapy area for live confidential therapy with a qualified professional. We offer convenience, ease of access, discretion and security. We work to the code of conduct, ethical principles and guidelines.

Online counseling offers accessibility and convenience to many clients. Costs are usually lower than face-to-face counselling due to reduced overheads. The lack of travel requirements means improved access to services for people in remote areas or people who are housebound due to disability or family commitments.

                                                                                   People who travel extensively and/or who have time constraints may utilize on-line therapeutic services because they can be accessed from wherever they happen to be. Others who may prefer on-line therapy are people who are ambivalent about therapy, or uncomfortable with the traditional model of counselling. These range from people who are mildly uncomfortable with talking about their problems face-to-face, to people suffering from serious mental health conditions, such as agoraphobia, social phobias or anxiety disorders.